A New Era

10 June 2019

It’s been more than 11 years since I spun up my first Wordpress site back in 2009. Back in the days, 000webhost was one of the go-to choices of free web-hosting. It was the age of PHP, MySQL, LAMP stack. The site was short-lived, and have never existed for any purpose more than self-experiment.

Fast foward to 2019, the time when the complexity of front-end development is close to what people have always picutred for that of back-end dev. Back then, “Web 2.0” was the buzz word. Now this term sounds as old as “Windows 98” to me. Everyone dives their head into Node, React, Angular, Flow, Typescript, GraphQL … you name it. What a crazy time to be alive. Among the crazy techs, this page is a simple, yet elegant, Jekyll-powered blog. Don’t over-engineer, I always tell myself.

2008 was the year that I had my first stint at the good old Hello World program. It was written in Delphi, and to the click of a button a “Hello world” text appeared in front of me and three other schoolmates. It definitely amazed the four kids sitting in the high school computer lab after class, trying to get their head into programming. Little did I know that this day would have been so impactful.

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