An Unscientific Test of Diamond Dual-band Antennas

27 June 2020

I have recently accquired a couple of Diamond VHF/UHF dual-band portable antennas, each with different (or no) gain on 2m and 70cm amateur bands. I wanted to see to see how much of a difference they would make.

Antennas tested

Advertised gain(s) for the antennas tested:

Antenna 144Mhz gain 430Mhz gain Connector
Diamond MR77 Nil 3.4 dBi PL-259
Diamond SRH771 Nil 2.15 dBi SMA
Diamond SRH770S 2.15 dBi 4.5 dBi SMA
Diamond RH770 3.0 dB 5.0 dB BNC


I put each of them on my Yaesu FT-3DR while standing in front of my porch, holding the radio at about head height; to test their reception, I tuned to a local CW beacon on 2m and check for the received signal strength.

The beacon used is the VK3RCW Morse Code Practice FM beacon, located in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, which is about 11km from my location.

Testing setup with Yaseu FT-3DR


Antenna S-meter
Diamond MR77 S5-S6
Diamond SRH771 S5-S6
Diamond SRH770S S7-S8
Diamond RH770 S8-S9+

As one would expect, antennas with higher gain have produced better received signal strength, with the Diamond RH770 producing S9+ in this test.

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