vklookup - Australian callsign lookup web app

22 August 2020

A small pain point of being an amateur radio operator in Australia is the ancient technology one has to put up with- in this instance, the search of other licencees via the the ACMA RRL registry. The website is dated, and more importantly, slow- on bad days it could take almost half a minute to process a single search.


Michael Wheeler, VK3FUR/VK4XSS, has creaeted the popular lookup site vklookup.info. It pulls ACMA's RRL data into AWS to provide a fast serach API. During my fair share of using vklookup.info, a few features addition came into my mind- search of multiple callsigns at the samae time, which is useful during QSOs or even just normal RX; and the ability to quickly see the QTHs of licencees, as I found myself often Google Map'ing locations of licencees- to get an idea of how far my QSO/RX is.

With that, I decided to build my own version of vklookup.info.info. Thanks to Michael, who kindly allowed me to use their API for my creation, a new Australian callsign lookup app is born from a day of weekend programming.

The app can be found at https://lokcon.me/vklookup. It features a HTML text area for multiple callsign inputs; tiny Google Map iframes are included to provide a quick insight of the QTHs.

de Andy VK2FAAM VK3LOK, 73.

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